ASTM D618 Testing

ASTM D5229 Testing

Applied Technical Services performs absorption conditioning of polymer-based materials in accordance with the ASTM D5229 testing standard. We perform this testing in our advanced materials testing laboratories.
ASTM D5229: Polymer Absorption Properties and Equilibrium Conditioning
ASTM D5229 (ASTM D5229M-20) is a standard set by ASTM International, or the American Society for Testing and Materials, that refers to the method used to analyze absorption and desorption conditions for a polymer-based material. ASTM D5229 testing covers several different procedures, including moisture diffusion material properties, moisture equilibrium content, moisture diffusivity constant, general moisture conditioning prior to material testing, humidity level conditioning prior to material testing, and moisture desorption conditions prior to material testing. This standard also accounts for additional environmental conditions prior to various types of testing, including mechanical testing.
Plastic and Polymer Testing
ATS performs a wide variety of plastic and polymer testing services performed to many popular standards. Some of our most commonly requested plastic and polymer testing services include:
Materials Testing at ATS
Applied Technical Services performs material testing across several different departments, including mechanical testing, chemical analysis, and environmental testing. These laboratories feature state-of-the-art material testing technology and house cutting-edge testing machinery and equipment, allowing us to perform material testing in accordance with both industry standards and custom testing parameters specified by our clients. Our certified testing experts and material testing technicians apply decades of experience to ensure exceptional precision, giving our customers test reporting their business can rely on. Some of our popular materials testing services include:
Applied Technical Services
Over the past 55 years, Applied Technical Services has developed a reputation as the testing, analysis, and engineering consulting provider that takes a closer look. We adhere to an internationally recognized quality assurance program and remain dedicated to quality, timeliness, dependability, and customer satisfaction. We serve some of the nation’s most reputable companies working in an impressive range of industries, including building and construction, healthcare, insurance and legal, power generation, consumer products, aerospace, aviation, and automotive. Our material testing laboratories are ISO 9001 certified to ensure exceptional quality, and we hold many different ISO 17025 accreditations by the A2LA. Contact the proven ASTM D5229 testing experts at ATS today by giving us a call at 1 (888) 287-5227 or clicking here.

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