ASTM plastic and polymer tensile testing

Polymer Failure Analysis

Applied Technical Services offers Polymer Failure Analysis services through our world-class polymer testing laboratory. There are a plethora of extraneous factors which could lead to polymeric failure within products. From thermodynamic stress to external chemical stimulus, polymer failure analysis is vital to ensuring polymeric products are safe. Our technicians have the expertise to accurately analyze the mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties of rubber and plastic materials to determine the root cause of any polymeric failures.

Polymer Testing Services

The polymer testing laboratory at Applied Technical Services offers a wide range of polymer testing capabilities in addition to polymer failure analysis. These include, but are not limited to:

You can find a more comprehensive list of our services here.

ATS Quality Assurance

Applied Technical Services has been providing high-quality customer service for more than 50 years. Our polymer labs operate under the scope of our quality management system, certified to ISO 9001. By adhering to the guidelines set by this globally recognized standard, ATS will continue to provide reliable service to our clients. We strive to provide clients with reliable and accurate test results within quick turnaround times. Applied Technical Services is aptly equipped to satisfy any polymer failure analysis needs. Request a free quote today!

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