Viscosity Testing

Applied Technical Services’ viscosity testing services help clients evaluate the structural properties of polymers. 

What is Viscosity Testing, and Why is it Important?

Viscosity refers to a material’s resistance to motion and deformation by tensile stress or shear. For example, substances with high viscosity, such as honey, are thick and more difficult to pour than substances with lower viscosity, such as water or milk. In polymers, viscosity refers to a material’s ability to be molded which is especially important to the production process of products and materials. 

Viscosity testing services allow manufacturers to analyze a polymer’s properties, ensuring that the material can perform to the manufacturer’s expectations. Material selection is an important process that affects a product’s appearance, quality, and performance in particular conditions and environments.

Applied Technical Services' Viscosity Testing

The viscosity of polymers provides critical insight into the material’s structural properties, allowing experts to predict a polymer’s performance in specific applications. We conduct several viscosity tests for polymers that observe their reaction to several factors, including: 

Our viscosity testing services help clients do the following. 

Applied Technical Services’ Polymer Testing and Analysis Lab

Our polymer testing lab conducts a wide range of services on polymers and plastics. We work with our A2LA accredited mechanical, nondestructive, and chemical testing labs to deliver comprehensive evaluations of polymers that meet our client’s demands. Our polymer testing services benefit various industries, including:

Our staff works closely with clients to ensure that our services address their needs. We conduct services in accordance with common industry standards such as ASTM, ISO, and SAE while also considering the unique needs and specification of our clients’ requests. 

Our Commitment to Quality

Applied Technical Services provides quality inspection, testing, and consulting engineering services to various industries. Our commitment to outstanding service has helped us grow from a local operation to an internationally recognized service. We have upheld our commitment to quality by maintaining our core values of client service, employee safety, professionalism, and financial strength. We have acquired numerous certifications and accreditations throughout our 55 years in business to ensure our services adhere to national and international standards. Please call +1 (888) 287-5227 and submit a web request form for additional information about our viscosity testing services. 

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