Plastic and Elastomer Analysis

Applied Technical Services’ plastic and elastomer analysis services help manufacturers evaluate the characteristics of polymers. 

What are Plastics and Elastomers?

Plastics are synthetic or semi-synthetic materials made from polymers. Plastics are generally flexible, easy to mold, lightweight, and inexpensive, so they are found in many products. Examples include: 

Elastomers are highly elastic polymers that retain their shape when stretched or bent. There are several types of elastomers, including natural rubbers, neoprene, polyurethanes, and silicone. Manufacturers use elastomers in the production of various products, including:

Why is it Important to Analyze Polymers?

Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on polymers so it’s important to analyze the quality of these materials to ensure their qualifications for the intended application. Manufacturers request polymer analysis services for several reasons, including: 

Applied Technical Services’ Polymer Testing and Analysis Lab

Our polymer testing and analysis lab features state-of-the-art technology capable of assessing the properties of various plastics and elastomers. Our experts carefully analyze a polymer’s composition to gain insight into the material’s crystallinity, elasticity, tensile strength, and thermal expansion. We can conduct various services, including:

Our services benefit multiple industries, including: 

We provide services in compliance with ASTM, ISO, SAE, and client-specific standards to ensure that our practices are sufficient and beneficial to clients. Our staff communicates with clients throughout the service process to maintain transparency around our procedures. Upon completion, we provide clients with concise and detailed reports summarizing our service and highlighting the results. 

About Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services offers quality consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services to businesses worldwide. Our operation has greatly expanded since our founding in 1967 to include numerous services that benefit various industries, such as the automotive, consumer products, construction, and nuclear sectors. We employ experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in multiple sciences and engineering to ensure that our staff can adequately fulfill our client’s requests. Contact an ATS representative for additional details regarding our plastic and elastomer analysis services. 

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