A male lab technician in a white coat holds up a red polymer pellet with forceps. In his other blue gloved hand, he holds a petri dish with other pellets for thermoplastic testing.

Thermoplastic Testing

Thermoplastic testing from ATS uncovers the characteristics and vulnerabilities of this type of polymer. Clients from a wide variety of industries contact ATS for laboratory tests and analyses, such as manufacturing and consumer product businesses. Many manufacturers utilize thermoplastic materials, which can be heated, then reshaped through molding or extrusion processes without dramatically changing their properties. Thermoplastics are efficient to produce and found in construction products, cookware and cleaning bottles, electronic appliances, and children’s toys.

Commonly used thermoplastics include:

Why Test Thermoplastics?

Manufacturers and product engineers must ensure that products follow regulations and comply with industrial standards, federal regulations, and state laws. Clients may also request thermoplastic testing for other reasons, such as:

How We Test Thermoplastics

ATS operates several A2LA-accredited labs for material testing, polymer testing, and plastic testing. Our materials testing lab performs a broad range of tests that explore the properties and characteristics of thermoplastics and other polymers:

We invest in innovative technology for rigorous testing of products to uncover their limits. For instance, the tension machine in our mechanical testing lab can reach a maximum force of 400,000 lbs. and temperature up to 1800˚ F. Our polymer testing lab has a maximum force capacity of 10,000 lbs. and can subject products to temperatures between -19F to 482F (-70˚ C to 250˚ C).
Testing with ATS

A2LA-accredited to perform ISO/IEC 17025 tests, ATS takes care to deliver thorough and reliable inspections, testing, consulting engineering, and calibrations. We offer standards-based and custom testing to empower our clients’ decisions. Our services guide national and international clients in many industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, and consumer products.

ATS meets the requirements for an ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system and adheres to the federal regulation 10 CFR Part 21 for reporting defects and noncompliance. Our labs are accredited to perform a broad range of services:

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