ASTM plastic tensile testing

ASTM D638 Testing Services

Applied Technical Services performs ASTM D638 testing services: the standard method for determining reinforced and non-reinforced plastics’ tensile properties. D638 is among the most common plastic tensile testing standards. With plastic production and use becoming increasingly prevalent, manufacturers must be able to gauge their materials’ mechanical strength accurately and precisely. ATS helps clients get the data they need by providing mechanical testing for plastics.

The ASTM D638 Method
The ASTM D638 standard measures the tensile properties of rigid plastic samples. Tensile testing involves pulling the sample to failure at a specified rate while measuring the sample’s mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, elongation, and Young’s modulus. Samples may be flat, tube, or rod-shaped.
ATS is A2LA accredited to perform D638 testing. This test helps clients predict how their materials will perform under high-stress conditions. This standard can also assist clients with quality control, product development, or even proof of concept. Additionally, clients may use D638 to investigate a material’s projected lifespan by comparing tests between newly manufactured and weathered samples.
Our Polymer Lab

ATS tests a wide variety of materials in our plastic and polymer testing lab, such as natural polymers, thermoplastics and thermosets, high-modulus composites, rubbers, adhesives, and synthetic fibers. We employ experienced technicians, engineers, and chemists who can test the various mechanical, thermal, and chemical attributes of clients’ samples. Some applicable standards we test to include:

Our experts have experience with more than twenty plastic and polymer standards, delivering precise data within a short time frame.
Reliable Testing and Inspections
Applied Technical Services has provided clients with testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services for over fifty years. We serve clients across the globe from numerous industries, including:
ATS prioritizes high-quality service, so our polymer testing labs are ISO 9001 certified for quality management. We also implement several customer service policies to ensure that our clients have a good experience with us. We connect clients to relevant experts who can assist with their specific needs. Our engaged experts report clear, detailed results as quickly as possible, remaining open to questions at any point.
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