Thin plastic sheet eligible for ASTM D882

ASTM D882 Testing Services

Applied Technical Services performs ASTM D882 testing: the standard testing method for evaluating thin plastic sheeting’s tensile properties. Thin plastic sheeting and films have many common uses, including consumer goods and food packaging. Plastic manufacturers and packaging companies ensure that the sheeting and film meet necessary expectations by attaining accurate mechanical profiles of the materials. The ASTM D882 tensile testing standard helps clients determine some of a sample’s mechanical properties.
The D882 Standard
ASTM D882 covers tensile testing for plastics in a thin film or sheet form. Testing involves pulling samples to failure while recording material data. This test measures several tensile properties, such as:
This testing data provides valuable material characterization information for clients with quality control, material specification, and engineering design purposes.
Our Testing Lab
ATS maintains a dedicated plastic and polymer testing lab. We employ experienced chemists, technicians, and engineers that bring extensive knowledge to each of our plastic and polymer testing services. We test numerous materials, including thermoplastics and thermosets, synthetic fibers, rubbers, high-modulus composites, adhesives, and natural polymers to a variety of standards, such as:
ATS can test plastics and polymers for their thermal, chemical, or mechanical attributes. We can perform more than 20 polymer-related tests with ISO 17025 (A2LA) accreditation. Our experts’ experience and familiarity with polymer and plastic testing allow us to report the test results within a short turnaround.
Our Testing Services
For over fifty years, Applied Technical Services has provided inspections, testing, and consulting engineering services to clients from numerous industries, such as:
ATS serves both industrial and commercial clients around the globe, maintaining high standards for the quality of our services. Our polymer testing lab is ISO 9001 certified for quality assurance. We also uphold stringent customer service guidelines to provide a high-quality customer experience. We connect clients with relevant experts who can help with their requests. These experts can deliver detailed, precise data within a short turnaround and are available to answer any additional questions.
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