A forensic electrical engineer uses a voltage checker on a distribution board.

Forensic Electrical Engineer

The role of a forensic electrical engineer is to pursue the origin, cause, and party responsible for an electrical failure or electricity-related accident. This position knits together forensic science with engineering for clients in the legal, insurance, manufacturing, and law enforcement industries.

Forensic electrical engineers from ATS are state-licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.), many of whom have earned additional certifications in CFI, CFEI, and CVFI. To obtain a P.E. license, prospective engineers in most states must:

ATS Forensic Electrical Evaluations

Power Surge

A power surge happens when an electric circuit receives more electric current than expected, which can cause damage or reduced performance to any connected appliance or device. Power surges follow:

A forensic electrical engineer studies the circuit or equipment where the surge occurred, such as a multi-plug extension cord. They may look for physical damage, the wattage ratings of the appliance involved, and other indicators of how the surge happened and its aftereffects. Sometimes, engineers may take samples or small appliances for testing in one of our A2LA-accredited labs before concluding the cause of the malfunction.

Code Compliance

To assess the safety and reliability of an electrical system, ATS forensic electrical engineers perform electrical code compliance evaluations. We can assess the condition and safety of the currently installed electrical systems according to National Electric Code (NEC). Although the NEC is not federally mandated, the code is adopted by states and state electrical boards. We can check the local laws in place before giving our reports.
If our engineers find potential hazards, improper workmanship, or defects, we can recommend the repairs needed to meet updates to the NEC.

Electric Injury

A forensic electrical engineer can evaluate the design, installation, and operation of equipment or tools responsible for an electric injury. Our engineers will also look for contributing factors to assign liability for the accident, recognize the origin of the electrical current, and report the cause of the injury or death.

Some of the circumstances that may require an electric shock or electrocution evaluation include:

Fire and Arson

Electrical faults can factor into appliance fires that spread to an entire structure or vehicle. After a fire, an ATS electrical engineer can collaborate with fire investigators to trace the path of an electrical fire or arson.
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