The shell of a burned home. A yellow "Fire Line Do Not Cross" ribbon indicates forensic fire investigation services are underway.

Forensic Fire Investigation Services

After a fire, ATS can send a certified fire investigator (CFI) or certified fire and explosion investigator (CFEI) to provide forensic fire investigation services. We cover commercial and residential property fires, automotive fires, and heavy equipment fires.
The professional investigator will inspect the site, collect evidence for laboratory analysis, and provide a detailed report of their findings. If needed, the investigator can act as an expert witness in a trial.
Scene Inspection
Forensic fire investigations answer questions about how and why a fire started and if the fire was accidental or intentional. After a fire, a certified forensic fire investigator will inspect the site for evidence of the origin and cause of the fire. They will look for fire patterns that indicate the burned materials, point of origin, heat levels, and environmental conditions, to name a few.
Evidence Collection
During the scene investigation, our fire investigator will take photo documentation of the scene and pieces of evidence, then take samples of evidence for laboratory analysis. In complex cases, our accelerant detection canines quickly sniff out hidden evidence of accelerants that escalated the fire.
We use the FARO 3D Laser Scanner to map sites that are at risk of contamination or intrusion. This allows us to create a coordinate-based model of the site that preserves the location and condition of evidence before the fire debris decays or scatters.
Origin and Cause
To learn more about the fire, our investigators analyze photos of the scene and refer to emergency service reports and witness statements. After our investigators determine the fire’s origin, they can speculate on the cause.
The following scenarios typically cause fires:
Lab Capabilities

Laboratory analysis allows us to take a closer look at samples collected from the fire scene. For instance, fluids found at the scene may indicate the fire’s origin and cause. We can perform tests and analyses on samples and small appliances from the fire scene. Along with the powerful FARO 3D Laser Scanner, we can use x-rays to identify hidden or melted debris, borescopes, and microscopes.

Many of our fire investigators belong to professional organizations that promote new research and investigation standards, such as the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Standards published by the NFPA form a baseline for fire inspection, testing, and prevention today.
Post-Investigation Services
ATS offers consultation and evaluation services in addition to forensic fire investigations. Clients can use data from our inspections to support insurance claims or anticipate future fire hazards. If we discover the fire’s cause was arson, our fire investigators are qualified to testify in court as expert witnesses. The evidence found by our accelerant detector canines is also admissible in court.
If a client requires further assistance, we offer the following related services:
About ATS and Our Experts
We are a consulting engineering company based in Atlanta. We perform on-site and laboratory inspections, tests, and analyses to help our clients make informed decisions. The growing ATS family of companies allows us to serve a wide variety of industries with highly specialized services.
To offer the highest quality of service, our fire investigators hold Professional Engineer (P.E.) licenses issued by a state engineering board. Most states require engineers to meet the following requirements:
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