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The ATS Family of Companies (FoC) offers a range of implant testing methods for medical devices. Medical implants replace or support the function of a body part to relieve pain, restore motion, and monitor health. Implants can consist of metals, plastics, and ceramics, which impact the device’s performance and qualities.
Regulatory bodies, such as the FDA, strictly control the medical implants available in the market. As such, implant manufacturers and distributors require third-party medical device testing labs to verify an implant follows regulatory controls. A2LA-accredited ATS FoC medical device labs frequently work with components and assemblies for spinal, dental, joint, and extremity implants.
Medical Implant Testing Lab

The ATS FoC provides fatigue and mechanical tests according to ASTM and ISO standards. We can also follow non-standard and custom testing procedures tailored to client specifications. Some of these tests include:

Our rigorous lab testing allows manufacturers to test a device under worst-case scenarios and extreme conditions. Additionally, mechanical tests provide information about the characteristics of the device and its materials.
Manufacturers may request in vitro testing throughout the development of a medical device until the device is ready for FDA submission. When implanted in a body, the device must endure repeating loading cycles, movements, and conditions expected of its intended location. Implant testing in vitro assesses performance under isolated conditions to determine properties and resistance to deformation, corrosion, and other potential failures.
Medical Device Testing with ATS FoC
The ATS FoC developed as a nationwide network of accredited labs staffed by experts. We are A2LA-accredited to perform ISO/IEC 17025 tests: mechanical testing, electrical testing, chemical testing, nondestructive testing, and calibrations. With over fifty years of operation behind us, ATS is known for our high-quality customer service, responsiveness, and reliability to help clients make informed business decisions and reach the market faster.
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Medical Device Testing