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The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies provides accident reconstruction expert services.
Forensic Accident Reconstruction
Accident reconstruction is a field of forensics that determines the circumstances surrounding an accident, often pertaining to traffic collisions involving automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians.
Accident reconstruction experts conduct an analysis of the accident to determine details regarding the driver’s visibility, collision angles, velocity, and other accident factors.
ATS’ Family of Companies Accident Reconstruction Experts
The ATS Family of Companies employs accident reconstruction experts to gather all available evidence at the scene of the accident. We assess the data to establish details such as the cause of the accident, speed, reaction times, driver input, stopping distances, and mechanical failures.
We provide accident reconstruction services for:
Crash Data Retrieval
We download crash data (CDR or “Black Box” data) from the electronic control modules (ECM) of commercial and passenger vehicles.
We retrieve passenger vehicles record data from:
3D FARO Laser Scanner
Our FARO Scanner provides 3D laser technology that our experts utilize to create a 3D replica of the accident scene, including vehicle position, measurements, damage to the undercarriage, scene and roadway surface information, and distances. With this type of technology, our accident reconstruction experts construct 3D animations to showcase the causation of a collision.
Our VBOX Video HVD2 showcases low-speed collisions by using real-time video. The tool simulates recollected events from the driver, which experts then compare to various aspects of the crash data to dispute or support the driver’s statement.
HVE 2D and 3D Accident Reconstruction Software
Our HVE 2D and 3D accident reconstruction software recreates a collision to determine the cause of injuries.
Quality Assurance
The ATS Family of Companies provides accurate, unbiased reporting. We include conclusive findings, photographs, diagrams, and repair recommendations to ensure clients have access to all available information.
Our accident reconstruction experts are court-qualified and ACTAR-certified. We render all opinions from the facts of each case, and we complete all work following the rules and regulations of the engineering boards in each state.
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