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Expert Witness Services

ATS’ expert witness services include comprehensive and defensible testimony in civil and criminal cases. Litigation can sink a company’s reputation and lead to significant costs, even for the winning side. Inadequate expert testimony can confuse a jury, muddle the defense or prosecution, and contribute to a mistrial, which is why clients turn to ATS for reliable and reputable support. We offer expert witness testimony, research, and laboratory testing in cases such as:
Professional Consultants
Attorneys representing a party in a legal case may consult with an ATS expert for industry knowledge. For instance, if a client represents an injured party in a car crash, an ATS engineer can provide subject matter expertise on the biomechanics of the injury directly related to the collision.
Our state-of-the-art laboratory allows engineers to perform close inspections and tests to verify the condition of the evidence, such as a corroded wheel axle that triggered a loss of vehicular control. ATS’ main laboratory capabilities include:
When needed, an accident reconstructionist can consult with a mechanical or structural engineer to simulate a crash or catastrophic failure. Certain states permit accident reconstructions as evidence in a trial.
Courtroom Testimony

In a court case, jurors without industry knowledge must understand the facts of the case and their significance. Expert witnesses fill these gaps in knowledge to allow judges and juries to make informed rulings. In explaining the mechanics, physics, and material properties related to the event in question, our experts can take the jury through the conditions leading up to the moment of failure. Expert witnesses may also highlight the underlying causes of an incident, such as:

Our experts’ oral and written testimony can hold up to scrutiny from the opposition and Daubert challenges. Additionally, ATS offers evidence storage in a secure, temperature-controlled environment throughout testing and litigation.
About ATS
ATS is a leading provider of consulting engineering, calibration, inspection, and testing services in North America. With over fifty years of experience empowering informed business decisions, we are proud to uphold a reputation for high-quality customer service. As we expand our presence across the nation, ATS has developed a Family of Companies trusted by industries from aerospace to healthcare to power generation.

Our qualified experts utilize innovative technology to perform a wide array of tests and inspections on-site and in a state-of-the-art lab recognized by NADCAP, A2LA, CPSC, and ITAR. We also run an ISO-recognized quality management system for customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. To learn more about our certifications, please click here.

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