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Structural Fire Damage Assessment

The Applied Technical Services (ATS) Family of Companies conducts fire investigations for residential and commercial properties to determine both the cause and origin of a fire. Our highly trained, licensed engineers are ready to investigate the property and evaluate any damages from the incident.

Understanding Post-Fire Damage
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimated 491,298 structural fires during the five-year period of 2015-2019. Due to the amount of structural fires, there were around 2,868 civilian fire deaths and 12,907 civilian fire injuries—furthermore, an estimated loss of $10.9 billion due to property damage.
In the event of structural fire damage, there is a high likelihood of compromise in the structural integrity. Owners must immediately identify the extent of structural damage to pinpoint the necessary repairs and restorations for their building to return to its original level of safety and functionality.
Fires Can Result From:
How Structural Engineers Assess Damage Caused by Fires

Once the site is clear of debris, our structural engineers examine the property and create a list of damaged structural components. We list the items in order by priority of repairs and replacements. We then test to see if the load-carrying capabilities of each structural element are functional after the fire.

Our structural analysis and material testing engineers use various testing methods to determine the defects from fire damage. Each testing method differs based on the materials making up the structural components. For example, we might utilize a FARO 3-D laser scanner when necessary to obtain 3-D images from the scene.
Other Fire Damage Assessments We Provide

The ATS Family of Companies performs more than structural fire damage assessments. We conduct automotive and equipment fire investigations to locate the origin and cause of damage. With proper testing, we can determine if the loss is from a manufacturing defect, improper use, improper service or repair, lack of maintenance, or arson.

If necessary, we will take fluid samples and perform mechanical inspections to see if any damage occurred before the fire began.
About Our Engineers

Our team of expert engineers provides quality forensic engineering services, including conclusive findings and repair recommendations. We conduct in-depth inspections and rigorous peer review processes. Furthermore, we can supply customers with photos and diagrams detailing the effect of a fire on their items.

Quality Assurance
Our Family of Companies follows the rules and regulations of each state’s authoritative engineering board. We employ licensed professional engineers (P.E.s), many of whom are members of professional organizations such as the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). More than half of the engineers we staff possess advanced degrees.
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With simple, competitive prices, quick response times, and specialty services and engineering labs, our organization goes above and beyond in assisting customers with their structural fire damage assessments. Contact the ATS Family of Companies for an evaluation if you experience any structural damage due to fire.

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