Structural Engineering Companies

StrucTUral Engineering companies

Leader Amongst structural engineering firms

Applied Technical Services is a leader among structural engineering companies and firms. Our engineers specialize in structural assessments, structural forensic analysis, and structural retrofits. Our laboratories have the capabilities to perform chemical and mechanical tests on structural materials to verify conformance to specifications. Our triaxial seismic shaker is instrumental in evaluating earthquake resistance performance of various products.  

Types of Structural Engineering Services:
  • Damage Inspections
  • Initial Inspections
  • Professional Engineers
  • Routine Inspections
  • Special Inspections
  • Fire Escapes
  • Ladders
  • Signs
  • Towers
  • Tracks
  • Inspection
  • Installation
  • NFPA 780
  • Repair
  • UL 96A
  • 12 Inches Peak Displacement
  • Chatter Monitoring (64 Channels)
  • High Speed Daq System
  • IEEE 344, GR-63-Core, AC-156 Compliant
  • Trial Axial Motion (X,Y,Z Translation)
  • Property Damage Assessments
  • Roof Damage Determinations
  • Scope of Damage Determinations
  • Snow, Wind and Hail Damage
  • Structural Integrity Analysis
  • Floor Loading Evaluations
  • Inspection Failures (Masonry Cracks)
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections and Surveys
  • Rigging Designs and Evaluations
  • Structural Foundation