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Water Damage Inspection

The Applied Technical Services (ATS) Family of Companies provides exceptional water damage inspection services. Our experts offer evaluations, reporting, and expert witness testimonies.
What Water Damage Is
Water damage results from water intruding into a material or system, eventually causing deterioration that can result in an array of damages. The damage can happen slowly and indiscreetly, such as water spots defacing a surface, or quickly and catastrophically, such as floods destroying an entire property.
Common Causes of Water Damage
The Importance of a Water Damage Inspection
Inspecting damage from water loss is vital in both commercial and residential buildings. Water damage can put people at risk of injury and expose them to environmental hazards, such as asbestos, lead, and mold.
What Water Damage Inspection Consists Of
An industry-certified inspection company will follow the proper procedures to determine the origin and cause of water damage. Documenting all damages helps clients understand the losses and information they need to file a water damage insurance claim. Once the water damage inspection is complete, property restoration can begin immediately.
What Regularly Happens During a Water Damage Inspection Process
A regular water damage inspection begins by identifying the origin of the water—an immediate concern because of how rapidly it can spread. The next step is confirming the type of water. Determining the type of water will help protect clients from contamination threats to their safety or health.
Types of Water Contamination
Category 1: White water is free of contamination and cleans up easily. It can result from burst pipes, leaking faucets, or broken water heaters.
Category 2: Grey water possesses some pollutants but is not known to be highly toxic. It is often the result of bath soaps, fabric softeners, or detergents, and its sources include washing machines, drainpipes, and dishwashers.
Category 3: Black water is highly toxic and extremely hazardous, requiring the inspection team to take extra precautions to ensure personal and property safety. The most common sources of black water include toilet backflows, sewage pipe problems, and natural flood events.
Our Forensic Engineers
Our engineers will evaluate commercial and residential properties to determine the cause and extent of water damage. These losses can occur for several reasons, ranging from lack of maintenance, third-party contribution, material failure, or construction defect. Once we identify the cause of water damage, our engineers will supply clients with a report documenting the extent of water damage and possible repair methods.
We render our opinions on the facts of the specific assignments and complete our work under the rules and regulations of the authoritative engineering board of each state.
Flood Damage Evaluations
Our Family of Companies performs flood damage evaluations for an array of structures. We will determine the effects of the water’s hydrodynamic and hydrostatic pressure on client buildings and foundations. Our team of experts evaluates damages due to erosion, scour, and consolidation from inundation. If applicable, we will provide repair and replacement options, including costs.
Our engineers can determine if the flood caused damage to electrical or mechanical components in the building. We can also assess the elevator, escalator, HVAC system, and additional equipment to identify the damages resulting from flooding or another source.
Flood Database
Our Family of Companies maintains high water mark databases for major flood events. Our extensive reporting includes wind speed and maximum flood water depth information. The data we collect can also help with cases of unconfirmed flooding. In the case of large events, our Family of Companies can capture aerial footage that clients can electronically access.
Our Team of Experts
Our team of experts possesses licenses in various disciplines to produce a quality work product. We provide clients with unbiased forensic engineering reports that include conclusive findings, repair recommendations, descriptive diagrams, and detailed photographs.
Quality Assurance
Our group of forensic investigators employs licensed professional engineers (P.E.s) to provide water damage inspections. Many of our staff are members of several engineering organizations, such as the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).
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