Polymer Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services’ polymer testing lab identifies various plastic and rubber materials’ physical, thermal, and chemical characteristics.

What are Polymers, and How are They Used?

Polymers are materials made of repeating chains of macromolecules and are a popular choice for manufacturers because of their versatile attributes and applications. Everyday products such as grocery bags, toys, kitchenware, drinking straws, clothes, and tires are all made using polymeric materials. 

We offer testing for various polymeric materials, including:

We test polymers for several industries, including:

The Importance of Polymer Testing

Polymer testing and development are key components in the manufacturing process. Understanding the chemical properties of a polymer can help predict its performance in various conditions and applications. Failure to properly inspect polymer materials can lead to recalls, safety hazards, expensive repairs, and poor-quality products. 

We offer several polymer testing services, including the following:

About Applied Technical Services

ATS has provided clients with outstanding engineering consulting, inspection, and testing services since 1967. Our ISO 9001 certified operation prioritizes customer service and quality, and our polymer testing lab abides by the latest industry standards, including:

Our experts include experienced chemists, technicians, and engineers who cater our testing services to clients’ needs. We keep an open line of communication with clients throughout the testing process and provide clear and accurate data in our reporting. Please consider Applied Technical Services for your testing needs and call +1 (888) 287-5227 for a free quote from our polymer testing lab. 

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