A tire failure expert points to a crack in the groove of a tire. The damage is circled with white chalk for easy identification.

Tire Failure Expert

A tire failure expert delves deeper into the cause and effects of tire failure than a typical accident reconstructionist can. Tire failure can cause loss of control and an accident. After a vehicle crash, an accident reconstructionist may provide information for a case or claim. While accident reconstructionists have general knowledge of tires and various car components, they lack the specific knowledge and manufacturing experience a tire expert has.

Our Services and Lab Capabilities

ATS offers tire failure analysis for passenger, light truck, and radial medium truck tires in cases of blowouts, tread separation, and damage.

Document Study

The tire expert will examine documents about the tire failure or vehicle accident. These documents include:

Tire Failure Analysis

The tire failure expert looks for defects that indicate manufacture, design, or service errors that could have led to the failure. For instance, over-loading or under-inflating tires can cause over-deflection.

Then the expert looks for pattern marks, defects, and indicators of impact, oxidation cracking, chafing, and polishing. The engineer considers the influence of road hazards, abuse or misuse, foreign materials, and aging on tire failure.

X-Ray Equipment

After a visual inspection, the expert may cut open the tire or perform an x-ray scan. The use of an x-ray machine allows for repeated nondestructive tests on the failed tire or a matching tire from the same vehicle. If the expert suspects a manufacturing error, they can subrogate the manufacturer for a tire from the same brand, plant, and week of production for comparison.

Expert Witness

Trial defendants and plaintiffs need a tire failure expert who can serve as an expert witness in court. Clients need someone with excellent communication skills to explain the role of tires in the incident. An unconvinced jury can clear a manufacturer of wrongdoing if the expert is not accurate and clear. Also, the opposing attorneys can challenge the expert witness’s credibility if they do not provide the level of detail our experts provide.

Our Tire Experts

ATS employs qualified experts in a variety of fields. Our tire failure experts are licensed and degreed Professional Engineers who use their education and experience to uncover tire information that accident reconstructionists and claims experts cannot recognize.

Most states require Professional Engineers to meet the following criteria for licensing:

The tire experts certified as expert witnesses can provide the jury with clear explanations of how manufacturing defects, wear, or misuse contributed to a tire failure.

About Us

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We are proud to uphold our commitment to safety and high-quality service. We hold ISO/IEC certification for Quality Systems Management, along with multiple A2LA testing accreditations. For a complete list of our qualifications, please click here.

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