A man measures ceiling stains during a forensic water damage evaluation.

Forensic Water Damage Evaluation

If a major flood or leak recently affected your building, ATS can send a professional engineer for a forensic water damage evaluation.

Natural disasters, such as hurricanes and floods, cause significant water damage to building facades, roofs, and foundations. Sometimes, rainwater or melting snow infiltrates a building due to construction defects or a lack of adequate maintenance. Additionally, certain electric and mechanical appliances can exacerbate humidity and condensation when they fail.

Water damage can lead to:
Our Forensic Water Damage Evaluations

ATS can assess the location and scope of the water damage. Next, we can determine the origin and cause of water damage at your commercial property. When warranted, our experts advise clients on repair and replacement options and prices.

Flood Damage Evaluation

Flooding poses a considerable hazard to building safety. When called for a flood damage evaluation, our experts determine the effects of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressures, scouring, erosion, and consolidation on your building. We can provide additional surveys on relative elevation, positive drainage, and electrical and mechanical system damages.

Finally, we maintain databases on major floods for our clients. The information available to our customers includes:

Storm Damage Evaluation

After a storm, our engineers can gage the scope and extent of the damage, then identify contributing factors, such as:

Based on the storm damage evaluation, our engineers estimate the feasibility, scope, and cost of repairs. If a client wishes to proceed with renovation, we will design the repairs to meet the client’s needs. When required, a mechanical engineer can investigate mechanical and electrical system damage caused by the storm.

Moisture Damage Evaluation

During a moisture damage evaluation, the ATS representative determines the scope of the damage and related temperature and electrical problems. If the moisture damage’s location is not apparent in a visual inspection, we use thermal imaging to identify:

Next, we determine the source of the moisture, such as groundwater or a failed system. Our experts can use their knowledge of structural engineering to calculate the dew point of affected materials. When left untreated, these materials are vulnerable to mold growth and decay.

If we find mold during our evaluation, we can take samples to our A2LA-accredited labs for testing. If requested, we will design a remediation protocol for mold clearance and provide contractor oversight.

About ATS and Family Companies

ATS is a multidisciplinary consulting firm that provides consulting engineering, testing, inspection, and calibration services. Founded in 1967, ATS now reaches clients across the globe with our family of companies. Our experts know that time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. We support our clients with a quick turnaround rate, conclusive results, and comprehensive reports.

We encourage our representatives to pursue ongoing training and education in their fields. Many experts who perform forensic water damage evaluations hold Professional Engineering (P.E.) licenses and engineering degrees.
We adhere to the standards and recommendations set by the following organizations:
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