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Forensic Structural Engineering

The Applied Technical Services, or ATS, Family of Companies provides exceptional forensic structural engineering services.
What Forensic Structural Engineering Is
Forensic structural engineering is a discipline concerned with studying structures for flaws. Licensed specialists in this field determine the causes of failure in a structure and identify the parties responsible. Forensic structural engineers conduct investigations, render opinions, and give witness testimonies.
The Importance of Forensic Engineers
Getting to the heart of the issue is crucial to resolving construction litigation matters. Sometimes the answer to a specific structure failure proves highly complex and technical. An experienced forensic structural engineer possesses the proper analytical skills and knowledge to diagnose and determine what led to the failure in question. When hired to provide expert testimony, an engineer can consult with the attorney about their initial findings to help the council better build their case.
Our Forensic Structural Engineering Services
Our Family of Companies offers quality forensic structural engineering services that yield conclusive findings, supplemented with photographs, diagrams, and repair recommendations. Our expertise includes commercial and residential foundations, roofing, building envelopes, construction defect evaluations, storm damage evaluations, and water intrusion.
We Inspect Damage Caused By:
Causes and Extent of Damage
Our forensic structural engineers inspect commercial and residential properties to identify the cause of damage. We determine if the damage results from a third-party contribution, material failure, construction defect, or lack of maintenance. When our specialists verify the root cause, they supply clients with a report that defines the full scope of damages and suggested methods of repair.
Construction Defects
First, our experts locate any deficiencies in the construction or design of a structure, and second, they identify whether these flaws contributed to the damage or failure.
We Can Identify If the Damage Results From:
Sudden vs. Long-Term Damage
Our forensic structural engineers can determine whether the damage occurred suddenly—due to a single, injurious event—or over a long period—due to continual stimuli. In uncovering this information, they will also decide whether the cause of damage is enhanced, accidental, or intentional.
Quality Standards
Our Family of Companies follows every state’s rules and regulations from their authoritative engineering board. We offer forensic structural evaluations through our licensed P.E.s (Professional Engineers), many being members of various organizations, including NAFE and ASCE.
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