Three experts point to the plans for a building, part of their consulting structural engineering services.

Consulting Structural Engineering Services

ATS delivers consulting structural engineering services to building owners, tenants, and developers for design-build projects. Efficient design-build projects decrease the length and cost of construction, simplify communication with the client, and streamline administrative services with a single contract.
Facility Consulting Services
Our consultants have experience with structural, civic, and mechanical engineering of commercial properties, such as industrial and retail facilities. ATS’ professional structural engineers will advise architects, technicians, and contractors on cost-effective solutions and design choices that meet current building codes and exceed customer expectations.
Likewise, our consulting structural engineers work with general contractors to resolve costly design-build problems. For instance, our consultants know the durability and strength of materials needed to support the calculated stress loads and pressures on the structure. To test the properties of construction materials, consultants may use our A2LA-accredited labs before deciding on materials.
ATS engineers provide structural consulting services for tenant improvements and turnkey repairs to commercial properties. Additionally, our experts can consult with industrial facility and warehouse owners on floor slabs and exterior wall designs and materials. We can also inspect scaffolding and shoring during construction to ensure that contractors and builders follow safety regulations.
Our engineers can design building expansions and supplemental foundations for commercial properties. For damaged buildings, ATS experts inspect a structure to determine the cause of structural failures, such as floor and roof overloading. Finally, our consultants will aid in repair design.
About the ATS Family
Founded in 1967, ATS provides consulting engineering, calibrations, testing, and inspection services to clients nationwide. We are proud to serve a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and power generation.
ATS reaches clients nationwide through our family of companies. The multidisciplinary ATS family works together to provide end-to-end services that empower our clients to make sound business decisions on a favorable budget.
State-of-the-Art Labs

Our labs have achieved A2LA certifications in:

We also meet the ISO 9001:2015 requirements for quality management systems. For a complete list of our accomplishments, click here.
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ATS’ consulting structural engineering services provide clients and the design-build team with the information needed to proceed with safe design-build projects. For more information on our structural engineering services, call +1 (888) 287-5227 to speak with a representative. You may also request a consulting structural engineer by completing the webform on this page.

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