High-Temperature Tensile Testing

Applied Technical Services provides high-temperature tensile testing as one of the many services our tensile testing lab offers. Tensile testing gives clients an accurate understanding of their products’ material qualities. We test numerous standards for a wide array of materials, including:
The testing process involves gripping the sample in one of our finely calibrated tensile testing machines and pulling each end apart until it fails, according to applicable standards. Technicians plot the data collected from the test onto a stress-strain curve, which quantifies certain material properties. In this way, tensile testing can determine whether a material is appropriate for a designated application.
The High-Temperature Tensile Test
The high-temperature tensile test uses a combination of tensile testing and furnace heating to examine the effects of high temperatures and strain on tensile strength and material properties. Many industries, such as power generation, aerospace, and automotive, need their materials to sustain high temperature conditions. Components such as pistons, turbine blades, and valves experience high heat during service, which means that the materials comprising them must be strong enough to withstand those extreme service conditions without failing.
The purpose of high-temperature tensile testing is to investigate material behavior, evaluate the material’s mechanical and thermal characteristics, and study the material’s change in microstructure. This test can also provide a comparative measure for strength and ductility. The test data and the stress-strain curve allow technicians to find the following values:
Our advanced equipment allows us to test round or flat samples with precise temperature control. The ATS tensile testing lab performs testing according to several ISO and ASTM standards.
Our Tensile Testing Capabilities
The ATS tensile and mechanical testing labs are ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited to perform numerous tensile testing standards. We can test at temperatures elevated up to 1800°F, and we have force capacities up to 400,000 pounds. Our experienced mechanical testing experts work with clients to develop a custom plan to evaluate their materials. We also maintain an in-house machine shop, wherein we prepare test samples and special equipment for unique testing setups.
Our Quality Services
ATS is a leading provider for testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services. Our quality service policies have earned us a high reputation in several industries. We deliver clear, accurate, detailed reporting in a short time frame. Our customer service team ensures that all clients are connected with the most relevant staff member available, and our engaged experts can answer any questions regarding testing or data.
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