Charpy V Notch Testing

Applied Technical Services provides Charpy V notch testing to help clients determine the best applications for their materials. Our test results allow clients to make informed decisions regarding the quality and performance of their products.

What is Charpy V Notch Testing?

The Charpy V notch test, or Charpy impact test, measures the energy absorbed by a material during fracture. The destructive test method consists of a pendulum, hammer, and a beam of metal placed between two anvils. The energy required to fracture the material provides insight into the material’s notch toughness at various temperatures. Notch toughness refers to the toughness of cracked or notched materials. The Charpy V notch test has several advantages, including:

Why is Charpy V Notch Testing Important?

The results yielded by Charpy V notch testing provide insights into the ductility and brittleness of materials, allowing manufacturers to determine if the material’s qualities are suitable for the desired application. For example, cold temperatures adversely affect ductile materials, so manufacturers must assess the material’s performance to ensure that it will succeed in its intended environment. Failure to properly evaluate materials can lead to hazardous conditions, premature failure, and costly repairs.

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