Tensile Strength Testing

The proven tensile strength testing experts at Applied Technical Services offer comprehensive services and complete testing solutions to help clients analyze their products and verify their quality, resilience, and functionality.
Tensile Strength Testing Methods
Tensile strength testing consists of subjecting a material or component to forces that simulate the conditions of a test subject’s typical environment of operation to ensure proper functionality, reliability, and safety. Manufacturers rely on tensile testing to evaluate mechanical properties due to its efficacy, value, and expedience.
All tensile tests begin with thorough sample preparation along with test condition verification to ensure the test aligns with regulatory standards and any client-requested stipulations. The test sample is then mounted onto the tensile strength testing machine and subjected to various forces. During the test, different parameters are monitored and recorded, including the applied force and the corresponding elongation or deformation of the subject. This data is used to generate stress-strain curves that illustrate how the material responds to increasing tensile stress. Key metrics derived from these curves include ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, and modulus of elasticity. The ultimate tensile strength represents the maximum stress the material can withstand before failure, while the yield strength indicates the point at which the material begins to deform.
Tensile Strength Testing Applications
Tensile testing provides valuable insights into the mechanical behavior of materials under tensile loading conditions. It helps engineers and researchers assess the quality, performance, and suitability of materials for specific applications. Tensile testing is used in structural engineering to evaluate the integrity and safety of building materials like steel, concrete, and polymers. In manufacturing, this method of testing ensures that materials used in the production of components and products meet required standards and specifications.
Tensile strength testing is a popular testing method for companies working in the manufacturing, building, construction, material science, aerospace, structural engineering, automotive, and aviation industries, as well as several others. ATS’ state-of-the-art mechanical testing laboratory houses highly advanced tensile testing equipment that allows our technicians to assess the reliability and performance of components and materials that are critical to the overall safety and functionality of machinery and systems. The data resulting from tensile testing is incredibly important to the design and implementation of products that need to withstand extreme forces without catastrophic failure.
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