Applied Technical Services provides elevated temperature tensile testing as one of the many services offered by our tensile testing lab. Tensile testing is imperative to understanding a material’s strengths and limitations. Our tensile testing experts perform all tests to relevant standards and qualifications.

The Elevated Temperature Tensile Test

Elevated temperature tensile testing combines tensile testing and high temperatures to evaluate the effects of constant strain and heat on a material. Elevated temperature tensile testing aims to calculate a material’s resistance to high temperatures under a continuous load to better understand the material’s integrity. In industries such as the military, automotive, aerospace, and power generation, products must withstand elevated temperatures. Parts used in these industries must be strong enough to tolerate the service conditions without compromising structural integrity. To perform an elevated temperature tensile test, a calibrated test machine pulls the specimen until failure in compliance with relevant standards. Our technicians plot data points along a stress-strain curve, allowing them to calculate various material properties. Our experts evaluate and analyze the following characteristics:

ATS Tensile Testing Capabilites

Our mechanical and polymer testing laboratories offer a litany of additional testing methods. The mechanical testing lab can test up to 400,000lbs of force with temperatures up to 1832°F. The polymer testing lab can test up to 20,000lbs of force with temperatures up to 662 °F. Utilizing the capabilities of multiple testing labs, our experts regularly perform tests on the following materials:

All tests performed in our mechanical and polymer testing labs comply with relevant standards and client specifications.

Quality Assured

Applied Technical Services is a global leader in testing, consulting, and inspections. For more than 50 years, we have offered the highest service levels to our clients. We provide reliable and accurate reporting with quick return times. Our qualified experts can answer any client’s questions and remain available even after testing has concluded. Contact ATS today for your elevated temperature testing needs. We Take a Closer Look!

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