Dynamic Tensile Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies offers dynamic tensile testing to assess the mechanical properties of materials under dynamic loading conditions.
Dynamic Tensile Testing Methods
Dynamic tensile testing involves subjecting a test subject to rapid, varying loading rates rather than a constant force like in static tensile testing. This accelerated testing method allows our technicians and engineers to simulate the real-world conditions a material could be subjected to in its standard operating environment, such as sudden impacts, explosions, or high-velocity events, to gather the most relevant data possible.
Our mechanical testing experts start by preparing the test subject and ensuring the testing conditions comply with relevant standards or client-specified parameters. The material being tested is then mounted onto the dynamic tensile testing machine that is equipped with high-speed actuators capable of applying rapid tensile forces and advanced sensors and data acquisition systems. The sample material is then subjected to rapid tensile loading, typically resulting in deformation and fracture, while data is recorded. Our engineers conduct a thorough analysis of the test data before compiling a report that covers test conditions, as-found and as-left material conditions, all data generated, our expert observations, and any recommended actions.
Industrial Applications of Dynamic Tensile Testing
Dynamic tensile testing is an effective, cost-efficient testing method that is commonly requested by businesses operating in industries such as aerospace, military, defense, aviation, and automotive. Simulating extreme dynamic loading conditions our mechanical testing laboratory allows engineers to thoroughly assess the performance and durability of materials used in critical components and structures to ensure proper functionality, safety, and industry regulation compliance. The information yielded by this method of testing is essential for designing resilient, reliable products that can withstand dynamic forces without catastrophic failure.
Applied Technical Services: The Tensile Testing Experts

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies specializes in tensile testing, fatigue testing, and several other mechanical testing methods. We are A2LA ISO 17025 accredited in mechanical testing procedures and adhere to ISO 9001 quality management system standards to ensure reliable, repeatable test results. With nearly six decades of business experience and an exceptional reputation for unparalleled service quality, ATS is proud to be the preferred mechanical testing provider for some of the country’s most well-established companies. Give us a call today at 1 (888) 287-5227 or submit a request form on this page for additional information or a free quote on dynamic tensile testing services at ATS.

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