Notched Weld Testing

Applied Technical Services’ notched weld testing services determine the strength of welded materials. We offer insight into a welded material’s ability to perform tasks in specific conditions. 

What is Charpy V-Notch Testing?

Charpy V-notch testing is a destructive test method that determines the toughness of welded materials with preexisting flaws. During the test, the sample material is machined into a rectangular shape, allowing experts to cut a “V” shaped notch into the material. Experts then place the sample into a fixture where the material endures the impact of a swinging pendulum with a weight attached. The results provide critical information about the sample’s toughness, allowing manufacturers to make informed decisions regarding their material selection. There a several advantages to Charpy V-notch testing, including:

Charpy V-notch testing provides information on the following factors: 

More About Our Weld Testing Services

Our team of certified welders, welding inspectors, and professional engineers can perform complex weld testing procedures in our advanced mechanical and metallurgical testing facilities. We conduct weld testing and inspection services in compliance with various standards, including:

Applied Technical Services' Mechanical Testing Lab

Our A2LA-accredited mechanical testing lab is authorized to conduct various mechanical tests, including:

Our experienced staff works closely with clients to develop testing procedures that serve the needs of their projects. We keep an open line of communication throughout the service process to remain transparent about our service. Clients will receive easy-to-read reports that detail our findings once the service is complete to their satisfaction. 

Our Commitment to Quality Service

We are an ISO 9001-certified quality management system dedicated to our operation’s continuous improvement and expansion. Our business has grown from a local operation to an internationally recognized provider of professional consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services. Our A2LA-accredited facilities conduct services that benefit numerous sectors including aerospace, construction, and manufacturing. Please submit a web request form and call +1 (888) 287-5227 for more information regarding our notched weld testing services.

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