Applied Technical Services provides testing for the purpose of material qualification and failure analysis in our mechanical testing lab. ATS offers a wide variety of mechanical testing services. Our lab also includes an in-house and well-equipped machine shop in order to provide preparation of test specimens or any special equipment needed for unique test set ups. Our staff is experienced and able to work with clients to design custom plans to evaluate their products.

About Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing is utilized to evaluate the properties of materials that are subjected to pressures and physical stresses. With the help of mechanical testing, our engineers can pinpoint and locate areas of weakness in test specimens that may lead to structural failure. Some common tests requested include tensile testing, hardness testing, fatigue testing, and impact testing.

Our Testing Services and Specifications

Metallic Testing – Accredited Services

Metallographic Analysis

Non-Metals Testing

CPSC Testing

European Toy Safety

About Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services is a leading provider of high-quality engineering, testing, and inspection services. Since being founded in 1967, we have become known for our in-depth technical expertise in materials testing, chemical analysis, nondestructive testing, engineering consulting, and calibration services among the business community, the insurance and legal profession, and general manufacturing industry.

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