Structural Design Services

As one of the structural design services provided by ATS, architect and structural engineer review the blueprint for a building. One holds a blue pencil, the other holds a compass. In the background, a yellow hardhat rests on the table.
Whether you are about to begin construction or need to renovate an existing building or structure, ATS offers a variety of structural design services to meet your design and construction needs.
Traditional Design Services
A structural engineer can coordinate your team of architects and general contractors during the design and construction phases to design a structurally-sound building that balances the aesthetics desired by the client and the material and structural concerns of the contractors. Additionally, the engineer can predict issues and provide solutions regarding the costs of construction and the characteristics of the intended site.
In addition to buildings and facilities, our engineers can design bridges, dams, and other soil and fluid-containing structures.
Finally, ATS provides full-service support for design and construction, which is why our engineers perform administrative services and peer review throughout the project.
Repair Design and Consulting Services

ATS’s structural engineers can also provide structural consulting services for facilities.

If hired to design repairs or renovations to a completed building, our structural engineers can perform a building condition assessment. The engineer then estimates the cost of repair or renovation based on the client’s requirements.
If your building needs repair after severe damage or failure, the structural engineer can identify whether the damage is due to a design flaw, construction failure, or another source. The post-disaster failure analysis forms the basis for the repair design.

The engineer will also look for problems with settlement. Changes in the foundation may occur because of a flaw in the design or construction of the building or a more recent event, such as an earthquake. The engineer can evaluate the foundation and offer supplemental design plans. They will also evaluate the building’s floor and roof load for signs of strain.

If you require a building expansion, our engineers can design the additions. The expansion needs materials consistent with the makeup of the rest of the building to avoid future issues. The engineer will know which materials have compatible properties.

Additional consulting services include:
Our Qualified Experts
ATS requires our professional engineers to have degrees in civil engineering, structural engineering, or mechanical engineering. Our experts have gained experience in a multidisciplinary approach to facility engineering and consulting. In addition to their education and practical experience, our structural engineers keep up with national and international building codes, worker regulations, and best practices to design a structurally sound and safe building.
Our experts follow industry standards and guidelines for safe construction and testing, including:
About ATS
ATS provides high-quality services in consulting engineering, calibrations, testing, and inspections. We serve a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, consumer products, and healthcare. Since our founding in 1967, we have gained a reputation for detailed reporting and quick turnaround times.

Our expanding family of companies stretches across the U.S. and internationally, providing research and consulting service delivery. From our humble beginnings in Atlanta, Georgia to our broad, multidisciplinary reach today, our end goal has always been to support our clients’ needs and decision-making processes.

We value safe and repeatable processes and standards. As evidence of our ongoing optimization process, we have pursued recognition by federal and industry leaders. Our labs are A2LA certified in nondestructive, chemical, and mechanical testing.

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