Two circular gauges used by indoor air quality experts. One is blue and the other orange.

What Can Indoor Air Quality Experts Do?

ATS offers a variety of services performed by our indoor air quality (IAQ) experts. We employ industry professionals, licensed engineers, and skilled technicians who can inspect commercial and industrial properties for common sources of indoor air quality complaints.
Our experts have the training and technology to recognize indoor hazards, such as mold, lead, and asbestos. If requested, we can work with a contractor to remove the air quality hazard according to EPA and OSHA standards.
Indoor Air Quality Assessment

An indoor air quality assessment delivers a broad approach to identifying sources of indoor air irritations. During an indoor air quality assessment, our IAQ experts perform a baseline survey of your site, in which we make observations, take IAQ measurements, and review the HVAC system.

Next, we extend our inspection to the building occupants’ common air quality complaints. When needed, we can take air and bulk samples to our A2LA-accredited labs for testing.

Then, we can work with you to design a response and select a dependable contractor. We can even help you develop an IAQ policy and procedure if you require air quality services in the future.

Asbestos Services
Buildings constructed in the 20th century may contain asbestos, a highly regulated and harmful mineral fiber. Long-term exposure to asbestos raises your risk of developing mesothelioma and certain cancers.
Get an ATS representative to test your site for asbestos-containing materials. If you plan on renovating or demolishing your building, we can design a safe and effective procedure for asbestos abatement before your next activities.

We offer the following asbestos abatement services:

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Lead Services

Older buildings may also contain lead-based products, such as paint coatings. Buildings that contain lead-based paint require extra precautions during repairs and demolition. Our EPA-accredited inspectors can survey your site for lead, then send a certified expert for a risk assessment.

ATS also provides the following services:

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Mold Services

If you suspect your building has a mold problem, our inspectors can pinpoint the source of the mold, then design a remediation protocol that meets your specifications. ATS will implement the remediation plan in-house or help you select a qualified contractor.

Our IAQ experts can monitor the worksite for compliance with EPA, IICRC, and OSHA standards for mold removal. Finally, we can verify the contractor’s work with air and bulk sample analysis.

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About ATS and Our Family of Companies

ATS is a consulting engineering company based in Atlanta. We provide consulting engineering, calibrations, and testing services to numerous industries nationwide, such as construction, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Since our founding in 1967, we have gained a reputation for quick turnarounds and detailed reports. As evidence of our mission for high-quality results, we have earned recognition from NADCAP and A2LA.

Our expanding family of companies works together to bring you the best support from qualified experts. We continue to pursue best practices and innovative technology for cost-effective solutions and safety.

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