An engineer explains construction plans to contractors as part of his structural engineering services.

Structural Engineering Services

ATS offers structural engineering services provided by professional structural engineers. Structural engineering concentrates on the characteristics of building materials under pressure so engineers can design secure structures.

Our qualified experts hold engineering degrees and have experience with buildings, bridges, and other structures. ATS’ full-service multidisciplinary approach to structural engineering allows us to exceed our clients’ expectations without compromising their budget or safety.

Design and Construction Services
We handle design-build projects for a cost-effective and streamlined construction process. Before construction begins, our engineers collaborate with architects to plan and design a sound structure that reflects all stakeholders’ needs. As more parties join the project, our engineers can mediate concerns between subcontractors and provide practical solutions.
ATS’s engineers can create a structural engineering design for different types of projects, such as:
Additionally, our experts can provide administrative services before and during construction. During the design phase, we also offer peer review.
Consultation Services

ATS’ structural engineering services extend beyond the initial design and construction phases. Our engineers can consult on projects with existing structures, too. ATS can send a structural engineer to analyze any damage to your facility and suggest a repair plan.

There are services you may request to prevent disaster or failure. For instance, floor and roof load evaluations allow engineers to calculate the load your floor and roof can support without failure. During construction, our engineers can consult on scaffolding and shoring evaluations according to OSHA safety standards.
We also offer special services for specific types of buildings. We offer floor slab and exterior wall consultations to warehouse and industrial facilities for safe and cost-effective structures. Finally, we can provide turnkey repair solutions and tenant improvement consultations, so your property is move-in ready.
About ATS and Our Family of Companies
ATS is a national consulting engineering firm based in Atlanta. We provide clients in a variety of industries with consulting engineering, calibrations, inspections, and testing services. Our mission is to deliver detailed reports in a timely manner so our clients can quickly make informed decisions.
Our expanding family of companies collaborates to provide end-to-end consultation services nationwide. Utilizing innovative technology and industry best practices, our experts will ensure that new and renovated structures meet the current building standards.
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