A property condition assessment consultant records his observations on a clipboard. He is kneeling in front of a damp wall.

Property Condition Assessment Consultants

ATS’ property condition assessment consultants can review a client’s property for damages, code compliance, and maintenance needs, then recommend repairs that fit the client’s budget. We offer full-service assessments, unit walks, and customized scope of service for multi-family residences, offices, retail buildings, warehouses, and industrial and institutional facilities.
When to Get a Property Condition Assessment

Property condition assessments help clients make smart financial decisions regarding property maintenance and repairs. For instance, real estate clients usually request a property condition assessment before purchasing or selling a property as part of due diligence. Some of the other times a client may want a property condition assessment include:

ATS’ Property Condition Assessment Services
ATS’ property condition assessment consultants are civil, structural, and mechanical engineers with years of experience surveying thousands of square feet of properties. Our engineers use their multi-disciplinary expertise to diagnose problems and foresee potential issues with a structure and its surroundings.
ATS consultants can provide a close inspection of outdoor and architectural features, such as:
Our consultants also assess the condition and efficacy of the following systems:

We may take samples of building materials for closer inspection or testing in one of our A2LA-accredited labs. For instance, during an indoor air quality assessment, a contractor may take bulk samples to determine the presence of mold on a surface or the efficacy of an abatement process.

Finally, our consultants can report the issues noted during the property assessment and recommend repairs based on their years of experience. We can also estimate the cost of the deficiencies to support our client’s repair plans.
Codes and Regulations

Throughout the property condition assessment, ATS consultants will evaluate the property’s compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, such as:

About ATS & Our Family of Companies
ATS offers consulting engineering, calibration, inspection, and testing services to clients in a range of businesses and industries, including construction, manufacturing, and power generation. Founded in Georgia in 1967, ATS has expanded its availability nationwide through a growing family of companies.

Our safe practices, detailed analyses, and comprehensive reporting enable our clients to make informed and cost-effective decisions. Our labs hold multiple accreditations and recognition for testing, including:

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