A construction worker crosses a roof secured with multiple roof fall prevention systems. The worker wears a harness connected to an anchor system. The opposite side of the roof is lined with guard rails.

Roof Fall Prevention Systems

ATS works with clients to design and build reliable roof fall prevention systems for commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Fall prevention systems limit opportunities for falls, injuries, and liability costs. Some of the most common fall prevention measures include:

Our Services

Fall Hazard Evaluation

Inadequate roof fall prevention systems dramatically increase the risk of injury and death. ATS understands the importance of roof safety and protection, which is why we offer dedicated services for mitigating roof hazards. ATS can inspect your site for fall hazards, such as unguarded ledges, skylights, and roof hatches. Construction equipment can also pose a trip and fall hazard if placed in frequented locations.

We can help curb factors that contribute to workplace dangers and falls, such as:

ATS also offers safety training so workers can evaluate the condition of safety equipment and identify fall hazards during future work.

Fall Prevention

A fall prevention system minimizes the risk of falls by blocking access to fall hazards. Our clients commonly request guardrail systems and warning lines. We can design, fabricate, and install a temporary or permanent guardrail system to suit the client’s needs and safety requirements. We can also install warning lines to alert personnel of nearby hazards.

Proprietors in need of a fall prevention system may not know where to begin. Fall prevention systems are often confused with fall protection systems, which catch actively falling people before they can sustain major injuries. Additionally, OSHA has separate fall protection requirements for construction, maritime, and general industries.

ATS can help select the safety features that best fit the structure and adhere to the applicable safety standards and guidelines, such as:

Fall Arrest System

If a fall prevention system is not feasible, we can install a personal fall arrest system (PFAS), in which a person wears a harness connected to a roof anchor via a lanyard. This lanyard restricts how far the wearer can move. ATS offers multiple services related to fall arrest equipment:
About ATS and Family Companies

Since 1967, ATS has provided clients with consulting engineering, calibration, inspection, and testing services. We can send professionals qualified in civil, structural, or mechanical engineering to your location for inspections and assessments.

The ATS Family of Companies is a nationwide provider of high-quality customer service. We can send qualified professionals in civil, structural, and mechanical engineering to your location for inspections and assessments. Additionally, ATS offers training courses led by certified instructors. We also perform a variety of mechanical and material tests that support roof fall prevention systems. Located at our headquarters in Marietta, Georgia, the ATS super lab holds accreditations and certifications from multiple industry authorities and federal agencies, including:
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