Professional Mold Testing

A gloved hand holds a moisture meter up to a white wall spattered with dark green patches of mold as part of a professional mold testing service.
Professional mold testing takes a closer look at mold in your building. Mold grows in poorly ventilated, moist areas, such as plumbing systems, leaky roofs, and drywall. Left untreated, mold can lead to structural damage, poor indoor air quality, and health concerns.
When inhaled or ingested, mold spores irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. People with mold sensitivities may experience increased asthma and allergic reaction symptoms, including:
Professional Mold Tests
If your building has a significant mold problem, a qualified inspector from ATS can evaluate your location, perform professional mold tests, and document the extent of mold growth.
Our experts use special equipment to detect mold and moisture in your building, especially in hard-to-reach places. Infrared imaging and moisture meters identify hidden leaks and potential mold growth.
Water tests, such as a site drainage evaluation, allow us to observe how water flows through your building’s piping. We may also perform a water spray test on the outside of your building if we believe there is a leak in your building envelope. If the leak is deep within the walls of your building, we can pinpoint the location of the leak and drill through subsurface walls or foundations to fix it.
Mold Remediation Contractors
To ensure your satisfaction, our engineers continue to work with you after the mold inspection and testing. We will design a mold remediation protocol and help you select a contractor to remove the mold or contaminated material. During remediation, our experts can remain on-site for worksite observations to guarantee the contractor complies with federal standards and regulations, including those set by:
Finally, our experts can verify the effectiveness of the contractor’s work by taking air and bulk samples for analysis in our A2LA-accredited labs. We use air samples to calculate the concentration of mold spores in the air and bulk samples to assess the level of mold spores left behind on surfaces.
About ATS & Family
ATS offers full-service consultation support to clients across the nation. Since 1967, we have built a reputation for quickly responding to our clients with detailed reports and customized solutions. Our growing family of companies addresses our clients’ testing, inspection, and consulting needs in a variety of industries, such as construction, engineering, and manufacturing.
In our pursuit of measurable excellence, we continue to improve our processes to meet new regulations and standards. We also hold multiple certifications from industry leaders:
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Quality Assurance
ATS employs qualified professionals with experience and education in engineering, nondestructive testing, and other practices for a multidisciplinary approach to building evaluation and safety.
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