The building envelope of a contemporary building. The metal cladding is blue and red with diagonal stripes.

Building Envelope Engineering

Building envelope engineering concerns the design, construction, and maintenance of a building’s facade, roof, windows, and foundation. An effective building envelope (also called a building enclosure) seals your building against the elements, improving energy efficiency and comfort.
If you need to design a new structure or renovate an existing building, call ATS for a qualified structural engineer to meet your building envelope needs.
ATS engineers have experience with these building types:
Building Envelope Design

Building envelope engineering begins with the design of a structure. ATS and our family of companies value a team approach to structural design, construction, and maintenance. Our expert engineers will collaborate with architects and general contractors to satisfy material, monetary, and aesthetic requirements.

Our engineers can use their education and experience to anticipate common weathering concerns to building envelopes, such as rainwater and UV exposure.

ATS also offers the following services before and during construction:

Building Envelope Evaluations
ATS recommends periodic evaluations of your building envelope, especially if you suspect damage to your roof, foundation, or façade. Our professional engineers can assess the state of your building enclosure with the following methods:
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Building Envelope Repair Consultations
Our engineers also inspect existing buildings that need repairs. If your building envelope has recently suffered damage, a professional engineer can assess your location for damage and help you design repair plans.
If you would like to add an extension or make renovations, our experts can help prepare renovation procedures to your specifications.
We offer consultation services to ensure safe renovations that meet new building code standards. Additionally, we help clients set up maintenance plans to extend material life, moderate the costs of repairs, and schedule regular evaluations to detect future concerns.
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Materials Testing
If you are uncertain about material choices, ATS has A2LA accredited labs that offer material testing and analysis. Our services include:
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Our trained professionals will carry out laboratory and on-site tests according to industry standards.
About Us
ATS is a consulting engineering firm based in Atlanta. We serve clients with consulting engineering, calibration, testing, and analysis needs. Since our founding in 1967, we have promoted exemplary customer service through prompt testing and analysis.
Our growing family of companies provides end-to-end service in a range of industries, including construction and commercial properties.
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