What is a Marine Structural Engineer?

A ship's bow, partially submerged by marine water. The bow is dark blue with a red stripe for the bulbous bow that juts out into the brilliant green water. The ship is tethered to a port with massive ropes. On the other side of the harbor is a set of container cranes. A marine structural engineer works with all of these vessels and structures.
If your marine facility or vessel was recently damaged, hire a marine structural engineer to inspect the damage and determine the next steps. Marine structural engineering relates to the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of marine structures and vessels
A marine structural engineer advises architects, clients, and general contractors about marine structures, such as:
Our Damage Evaluations
After damage has occurred, a marine structural engineer can help inspect your site or vessel. A damage evaluation tells the engineer the location, type, and scope of the damage, along with whether the damage resulted from a long-term or short-term issue. If the inspected area was previously damaged, the engineer can give a pre-existing damage evaluation.
The engineer will also review evidence from dive inspections, aerial photographs, maintenance records, and relevant documentation for further information about the site and its history. If needed, ATS provides lab testing to uncover signs of stress and deterioration in structural materials, such as corroded mooring bollards or deflected bulkheads.
Finally, the engineer can conclude if the damage originated from the design or construction of the structure, environmental conditions, poor maintenance, or an accident.
Our Repair Services
After the evaluation, the engineer can recommend repairs and help create a repair plan that covers:
Additionally, the engineer will consider depreciation, the decrease in a material’s effectiveness against pressure and stress over time. Finally, our engineers can oversee repairs to your marine facility or vessel.
Our other services include:
Our Professional Engineers
ATS requires professional engineers (P.E.) to hold a valid Professional Engineer License and complete a four-year degree in engineering or a related field of study. Our engineers who provide marine structure evaluations must pass comprehensive exams and have at least four years of experience under a licensed engineer. Finally, our engineers show they adhere to safe and innovative practices with ongoing learning opportunities.
About the ATS Family
ATS provides consulting and testing services in engineering, calibrations, and inspections. Since our founding in 1967, we have served businesses with quick responses and thorough reports. Our growing family of companies promotes innovative technologies and processes for fact-finding, analysis, and impartial expert witness testimony.
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