Five forensic engineering consultants examine a shipyard.

Forensic Engineering Consultants

ATS’ forensic engineering consultants can inspect damages and failures to vehicles, equipment, and structures. Forensic engineers can determine the origin and cause of damages, recommend repairs, and assess contractor bids, when needed. Our advanced labs and technology provide accurate information that empowers clients to pursue their business interests.
Consultant Qualifications

We encourage the personal achievements of our staff both at and away from the workplace. To qualify for a professional engineering (P.E.) license, engineers in most states must meet the following qualifications:

Along with a P.E. license and four-year degree, ATS forensic engineering consultants are free to pursue official certification in their areas of expertise. Many of our professional engineers have access to the latest research and techniques promoted by professional forensic organizations, such as:

Our Forensic Engineering Services

ATS offers a wide range of forensic engineering services for building owners and managers, vehicle owners, law enforcement, attorneys, manufacturers, and other clients.

Structural Forensic Services

ATS’ structural engineers can evaluate a structure to identify liability and defects, assess damages, and perform tests. We can detect asbestos, chemical spills, mold, moisture intrusion, lead paint,  imported drywall, and assess the indoor air quality. We cover residential, commercial, and marine properties.

Our structural evaluation services include the following:

Vehicular and Equipment Forensic Services

ATS mechanical engineers and accident reconstructionists can study vehicles and heavy equipment after an accident or failure to determine the cause. A mechanical engineer can evaluate the state of the automobile, its individual components, and its tires for design and manufacture defects, improper maintenance and repair, and user errors. Our discoveries and accident reconstructions may serve as evidence for an insurance claim or litigation.
Some of our vehicular and equipment services include:

System Forensic Services

Natural disasters, deficient materials, and aging can wear down critical electrical systems and products and present major hazards to potential operators and inspectors. ATS engineers will examine and test systems and components for damages. We can recommend repairs and conclude the cause of the issues, such as metal fatigue, water leakage, or lightning strike. We study electrical and HVAC systems. Additionally, a forensic engineer can assign liability for a product defect or failure.
Here are a few of our system evaluation services:
About ATS and Our Family of Companies
Founded in 1967 and based in Georgia, ATS has built a reputation for high-quality customer service with industrial, business, and legal clients. We offer consulting engineering, calibration, inspection, and testing services from an experienced staff of professional engineers, technicians, and analysts. Now at the center of a growing family of companies, ATS continues to expand to new clients internationally.
We are proud to maintain an award-winning and industry-recognized laboratory capable of sophisticated testing and analysis. To learn more about our accreditations, click here.
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