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Hurricane Structural Damage Evaluation

ATS’ family of companies possesses the necessary skills and resources to offer comprehensive hurricane structural damage evaluation services. A single hurricane can put thousands—if not millions—of homes, businesses, and other structures at risk. These deadly weather systems can cause severe destruction to anything in their path. Hurricane damage evaluations serve to determine the precise source and extent of structural damage, helping clients repair their structures and prepare concrete evidence for litigation.
Storm Damage Assessments
Hurricanes can spur numerous hazardous conditions that may damage a structure, including winds, flooding, and tornadoes. ATS looks at every factor that may have contributed to structural damage, including preexisting ones. Our expert staff are familiar with FEMA base flood evaluation (BME) and ASCE wind load requirements, so they can determine whether a structure sustained damage due to inadequate design or construction.
Flood Damage
When hurricanes bring flood waters, ATS can determine the effects of the hydrodynamic and hydrostatic pressures. We can identify any damage caused by erosion, scour, or consolidation from inundation. Alongside the structure itself, we can assess damages to HVAC systems, escalators, elevators, and other equipment, attributing any damage to the appropriate source.
In addition, we maintain high-water mark databases that include every major domestic flood event. The data covers maximum reported flood depths and wind speeds, assisting with flood evaluations and cases where flooding is not yet confirmed. We can also make aerial footage of flooding events available to our clients.
ATS also offers relative elevation and positive drainage surveys, basement determinations, and sheathing damage assessments.
Roof Damage
Our Structural engineers assess tile, wood, and asphalt shingles; modified bitumen; metal; and other commercial and residential roof systems. Our experts can assess the extent of wind and hail damage, determining whether the present deterioration is due to recent storms or the presence of other contributing factors, such as:
Our evaluators can thoroughly inspect hard-to-access areas using an arsenal of advanced technology. We can capture videos and photographs of structures and components using drones, improving safety while decreasing inspection costs. We also utilize steep slope inspection robots to access crawl spaces, compromised structures, hazardous locations, and steep roofs. This technology allows us to gather documentation in high definition.
Thermal Imaging
Infrared thermography (IR), or thermal imaging, is a nondestructive tool for locating and identifying damage to a structure. When harsh storms bring moisture into a building, IR testing can locate the presence of moisture in walls, rooves, and insulation. IR helps identify the extent of any resulting damage and the source of the moisture intrusion. If a storm compromises a building’s envelope, thermal imaging can assist in gathering data.
Hurricane Recovery
ATS helps clients to rebuild after catastrophic weather events such as hurricanes. We can take a closer look at repair versus replacement costs and options, contractor estimate reviews, and project scope. Our experienced structural engineers offer recommendations for the next steps.
ATS’ family of companies can also offer turnkey design, build, and repair services. We provide construction and pre-construction administration, full-service construction services, scaffolding and shoring evaluations, and peer review services. We can help address all your property’s needs as you move forward.
Our experts are also familiar with class action certification for matters relating to storms. We can use the data we collect during damage evaluations to provide litigation support as expert witnesses. ATS helps guide clients through legal processes, using the data we collect to prove the facts.
Additional Assistance
ATS provides clients with a myriad of consulting engineering and forensic services. Hurricanes aren’t the only disasters we can help with; we also help clients with:
At ATS, safety is a priority. Our broad range of services allows us to ensure safety on a worksite while creating a safe environment for future occupants of a structure. When a disaster occurs, our experts can pinpoint the precise cause of the issue—from inadequate maintenance to improper installation—so clients can take the necessary steps for recovery and prevention in the future.
The ATS Family
Since 1967, ATS has continually expanded our capabilities in nondestructive testing, materials testing, consulting engineering, and calibrations. Our family of companies now offers our services around the globe, assisting clients from numerous industries by providing precise data, quick turnarounds, and high-quality customer service.
If you need a hurricane structural damage evaluation, contact ATS today.
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