A utility detector performs a Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Survey. The detector resembles an indoor lawn mower wheeled over a concrete surface.

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Survey

A ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey reveals critical information about a concrete structure, such as a building foundation or industrial bridge. Many industries use this nondestructive and cost-effective tool, including construction, real estate, and utility maintenance. ATS can quickly map a location for embedded objects without disturbing a concrete slab or compromising its utilities.
A GPR survey is a critical safety measure before construction and maintenance crews begin work. An uninformed crew may accidentally compromise the strength and integrity of a concrete structure by drilling, cutting, or coring. Accurate and reliable location mapping can prevent catastrophic failure and injury during construction, renovation, and utility work.
GPR Survey & Analysis
GPR survey equipment usually includes an antenna, receiver, and computer that controls the system. During a ground penetrating radar survey, we can transmit electromagnetic pulses that reflect off materials beneath the concrete surface. The penetration depth depends on the frequency of the radio waves and scanned material.
The GPR computer displays the readings on a console; a trained GPR operator can interpret these results to determine the object’s location. We can estimate the depth of the structure by calculating the dielectric of scanned materials.
GPR scanning locates major obstacles and embeddings in concrete, such as:
GPR surveys also indicate voids formed in the porous concrete. Voids can jeopardize the strength of the concrete against the forces applied to it unless treated. Beyond mapping a concrete slab, ATS can identify unknown objects based on their makeup, such as metal or PVC. ATS technicians may also use GDR to glean information about the structure, such as slab thickness and rebar reinforcement coverage.
Finally, we can verify our analysis with ferrous metal scanning, which detects metals such as the steel commonly used in rebar.
About ATS and Our Family of Companies
ATS specializes in consulting engineering, calibration, inspection, and testing services for businesses and industries nationwide. We strive to deliver reliable and accurate reporting to help clients make informed business decisions. Our industry experts and trained professionals prioritize thorough and accurate testing.
We have built a family of companies to support our clients locally and nationally. Whether through on-site inspections or testing in one of our labs, ATS is devoted to meeting our clients’ individual needs.
ATS Labs and Experts
ATS has built a reputation for safe testing and standard compliance. Our super lab in Marietta, Georgia, holds multiple certifications. We have achieved accreditation from industrial authorities such as A2LA and NADCAP. We regularly perform a wide swath of services, including:
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