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Cable Tension Testing

The tensile testing laboratory at Applied Technical Services offers cable tension testing, among many other metallurgic capabilities. Our materials testing professionals conduct all cable tension testing in compliance with relevant standards and codes. In addition to cables, we have the capacity to test the following materials:
ATS’ Materials Testing Capabilities
Our materials testing group employs a wide range of testing methods to evaluate and determine material characteristics. These testing methods include a few sections of analysis, including mechanical, environmental, electrical, forensic, failure analysis, and metallurgical testing. Our team has the capabilities to provide service in-house or at client job sites. Our materials testing capabilities include:

Mechanical Testing:


Metallurgical Testing:

Environmental Testing:

Forensic Analysis:

Computed Tomography:

ATS Quality
For more than 50 years, Applied Technical Services has been a global leader among testing and analysis companies. Our corporate management program pushes our dedication to customer service. The experts at ATS promise clear and accurate data reporting. We understand the importance of time, so we provide testing results in a timely fashion. Over 1000 ATS inspectors, Professional Engineers, scientists, chemists, technicians, and calibrators offer their expertise to answer any inquiries our clients may have. Contact us today, and our customer service team will put you in touch with the most relevant professional and get you a free quote. If you need cable tension testing, call us today!

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