Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory

The Applied Technical Services Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory specializes in analyzing the mechanical properties of metals and alloys through tensile testing.
Tensile Testing
Tensile testing is an efficient, cost-effective method of simulating the forces a test subject will be exposed to under normal operating conditions to determine its tensile strength and identify any potential flaws or defects. ATS’ Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory houses highly advanced testing equipment operated by our industry-leading experts who apply unparalleled expertise to ensure dependable, accurate results.
Our tensile testing technicians begin by preparing the sample material or component before mounting it to the tensile testing machine. The sample is then subjected to different types of forces, depending on the type of test. The type and intensity of force and the material’s deformation in response to the force are closely monitored, and all observations are thoroughly documented. This data is then analyzed to identify metrics such as yield strength (initial point of deformation), modulus of elasticity (resistance to deformation under stress), and ultimate tensile strength (maximum stress the sample can endure before failure).
ATS’ Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory also offers material characterization to analyze the microstructure, phase distribution, and chemical composition of metals and alloys through advanced analytical techniques such as scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, and X-ray diffraction. Material characterization is effective for analyzing the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties to assist in the development of materials with enhanced performance characteristics.
Mechanical Testing Services
As a national leader of material testing, the ATS Family of Companies offers comprehensive mechanical testing services to verify the structural integrity of parts and components, verify compliance with industry and regulatory requirements and standards, and assist in the development of products. We specialize in dynamic tensile testing, high-speed tensile testing, and tensile strength testing.
Metallurgical Testing Services
ATS offers a wide range of metallurgical services, ranging from material identification and hardness testing to litigation support and failure analysis. Some of our most commonly requested metallurgical testing services include:
The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies
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