Tensile Testing Services

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) performs tensile testing services on numerous types of materials. Manufacturers are required to thoroughly evaluate their products, and tensile tests are a common step in the research and development process for a wide range of products. The ATS FoC offers an effective way for manufacturers to quickly and effectively evaluate how their products respond when being stretched.

What is Tensile Testing?
Tensile testing is a destructive test method where technicians apply controlled stress to a specimen until it fails. Tensile testing offers important insight into the following:
Our Tensile Testing Services

We conduct tensile tests in controlled environments, which allows us to evaluate materials according to our clients’ specifications. We perform tensile tests in accordance with popular standards, including ASTM E8 and ISO 6892. Our experts use our ASTM tensile testing lab to evaluate a variety of materials, such as composites, metals, plastics, rubber, and welds.

Why are Tensile Tests Important?

Tensile tests help manufacturers assess the mechanical properties of their materials. The information gathered from tensile tests is important for research and development and material selection processes, as it helps manufacturers understand how their materials may react under specific conditions and in specific environments. Tensile tests are an effective way to do the following:

Our Commitment to Quality
For nearly 60 years, we have been addressing the needs of our customers with urgency and precision. Over the decades, we have expanded our team into a national network of experts and professionals who use their knowledge and expertise to offer consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services. Our highly trained and experienced engineers and professionals use our state-of-the-art facilities to conduct tests in compliance with our clients’ specifications while also ensuring that we adhere to the relevant testing standards. Please call +1 (888) 27-5227 or complete an online request for more information regarding our tensile testing services.

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