A mobile ground penetrating radar system. The unit runs on four wheels. A technician pushes the equipment over the floor during GPR inspection services.

GPR Inspection Services

ATS performs GPR inspection services to give clients accurate information about the dimensions of a concrete slab and the locations of embeddings. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a nondestructive testing method that uncovers hidden defects and objects in concrete. A quick GPR survey from ATS can save clients thousands of dollars overall and detect potential dangers before the structure is compromised.
Our GPR Process
GPR equipment consists of an antenna, receiver, and computer. During a scan, the antenna emits electromagnetic pulses that reflect off embedded objects, such as rebar, post-tensioning cables, and conduits. The receiver sends the reflected frequencies to the computer for a visual. Our technicians can analyze the GPR findings and verify their conclusions with ferrous metal scanning.
GPR is a versatile tool used by a variety of industries, including archaeology, construction, and utilities. Engineering firms like ATS perform GPR inspections of concrete slabs that form the foundation and floors of a structure. Clients may request a survey for multiple reasons:
Why Choose ATS Inspection Services?


The best time for a GPR scan is before making any changes to the concrete surface by drilling, cutting, or coring, as these actions can damage the concrete slab and cause irreparable harm. Hastily drilling into a concrete structure may impact the strength of the concrete itself, leading to cracking over time. This can also cause life-threatening injuries or death. For example, a cut electrical line may electrocute workers.
Additionally, excessive drilling can weaken the concrete’s structural integrity and damage critical embeddings. If a drill or cutting device reaches a post-tensioning cable, the consequences could be catastrophic for the structure and anyone nearby.

Accurate Data

GPR surveys minimize the guesswork so you can drill safely and accurately. For instance, if a customer needs to locate utility lines, a GPR scan is able to pinpoint the location and depth of these lines without disturbing the structure.

A GPR survey also provides information about the underlying cause of damages. For instance, a customer may request a GPR survey for a concrete slab with a water leak. The survey may also detect cavities and other concealed threats before they reach a critical stage.

Trained Experts

GPR scanners display data in cross-sections of the distance and depth of a concrete structure. However, 2D scanners do not specify what the embedded objects are. A trained ATS technician can interpret the results to identify the embeddings, such as metal piping or steel rebar.


GPR helps construction and repair crews work efficiently and safely. Our inspection services provide multiple additional benefits:

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