Line of Hydrogen Embrittlement Testers
The Cause and Risks of Hydrogen Embrittlement

Applied Technical Services’ ASTM F519 embrittlement testing capabilities help clients verify the structural integrity of their product’s constituent materials. Metal alloys sometimes fall victim to a phenomenon named hydrogen embrittlement. This degenerative process can undermine their structural integrity by causing increased brittleness, lost ductility, and even subsurface cracks. Hydrogen embrittlement occurs when metals undergo exposure to diffusible hydrogen atoms. This exposure may happen either during the manufacturing process (called internal embrittlement) or during their service life (called external embrittlement). The mechanisms that contribute most often to hydrogen embrittlement include, but are not limited to:

Manufacturers trust ATS as an accredited third-party testing lab to validate production practices by assessing whether their materials suffer from hydrogen embrittlement. While our mechanical testing division performs hydrogen embrittlement testing to many standards, the ASTM F519 specification is the most common.
About ASTM F519
The effects of hydrogen embrittlement most often present themselves when materials undergo a uniaxial static load for extended periods. For this reason, testing typically entails applying constant force to a sample for a specific duration. ASTM F519 outlines one method of doing so. Another option covered by the standard involves incremental step loading, a technique that allows our technicians to yield more data and accurate results faster. Our mechanical testing personnel bring cumulative decades of experience performing both methods to determine the presence and effect of any hydrogen embrittlement incurred by client sample materials.
ATS: Your Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing Lab
Applied Technical Services has performed testing, inspections, and consulting engineering for discerning clientele since our founding in 1967. Our company has expanded tremendously over the past five decades, going from a trio of engineers serving local businesses from their shared office in the founder’s basement to a multidisciplinary services provider delivering the expertise of over 1,000 professionals from a variety of fields to clients operating in countries across the globe. ATS’ Marietta headquarters, where we perform all ASTM F519 testing, maintains an ISO 9001 certification for quality management. Pursuing and upholding this qualification has helped us not only to provide services of consistent quality but also to continually improve them. We take several steps to ensure a positive customer experience, including:
If your company needs ASTM F519 testing to determine the hydrogen embrittlement of your component materials, reach out to ATS today for a free quote on our services — We take a closer look!

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