Metallurgist examines a scratched block of aluminum for forensic metallurgy. A pile of similar blocks is in the background.

Forensic Metallurgy

ATS’ forensic metallurgy services explore the chemical and physical properties of metals and alloys. When used as part of failure analysis, forensic metallurgy provides information about the cause of a component or system failure. We commonly test materials such as aluminum, copper alloys, steel, titanium, glass, ceramics, and plastics.
Metallurgical Testing Services
Our expert forensic metallurgists are adept at uncovering the properties and chemical makeup of metals and alloys. We use metallurgical testing to identify unknown materials and determine the source of damage to a metal component or system.

Destructive and Nondestructive Testing

Metallurgical testing allows analysts to study an object through nondestructive and destructive means. Destructive testing requires the analyst to perform tests that will damage the sample. Our destructive methods for metallurgical and mechanical testing include:

Meanwhile, nondestructive testing preserves the original object for further use. We can perform nondestructive tests on-site or in one of our forensic laboratories. Our nondestructive testing capabilities include:

Metallurgy in Failure Analysis

We can use metallurgical testing as part of a larger failure analysis project. Metal can fail when it corrodes and cracks. Stress and environmental factors contribute to overloading and fatigue. Such failures in a metal component can cause a full-system failure or underperformance.

Failure Cause

An ATS failure analysis team of qualified analysts will perform metallurgical tests to determine the root cause of failure. For instance, metallurgy can pinpoint a deficiency in steel bolts intended to secure critical components of a structure. We frequently attribute failure to the following causes:

Metallurgical Services for Failure Analysis

ATS forensic metallurgists may perform any of the following tests to conclude the root cause of a material failure:

About ATS and Family of Companies
Founded in 1967, ATS provides consulting engineering, calibration, testing, and inspection services to clients from many industries. Our mission is to empower clients to make informed decisions based on our detailed analysis and comprehensive reports. ATS and our family of companies have built a reputation for timely delivery of high-quality service from qualified experts.
Standards and Labs

Our experts adhere to the standards and guidance provided by industry organizations, such as:

ATS labs are A2LA accredited to perform mechanical, chemistry, calibration, and electrical tests. We also hold NADCAP accreditation in nondestructive testing. For a complete list of our accreditations, click here.
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