Forensic Expert On The Scene Of An Accident Or Incident In Order To Inspect For The Cause And Origin Of Damage

Forensic Mechanical Engineer

The ATS (Applied Technical Services) Family of Companies employs a team of forensic mechanical engineers to provide high-quality services to clients in need of their investigative expertise.
What Forensic Mechanical Engineers Do
A forensic mechanical engineer uses various methods to determine the cause and extent of damage to mechanical equipment or systems. Engineers will conduct investigations to assess the cause of any mechanical failure resulting in injury, property damage, or criminal case. They will also inspect the site of failure to improve the construction process so that the same errors do not occur again.
A forensic mechanical engineer’s work often requires them to visit the location where an accident or incident occurred. Engineers will gather and record evidence at the scene when dealing with a large or otherwise stagnant subject and take smaller, more portable components to a laboratory for further examination and analysis.
An Overview of What Forensic Mechanical Engineers Do:
Our expert team provides quality forensic mechanical engineer services, including repair recommendations and conclusive findings. Our engineers perform in-depth inspections of mechanical equipment and system failures. Once these investigations end, our engineers will have the data to complete a rigorous, peer-reviewed process that supplies clients with photographs and diagrams documenting the damage in vast detail.
The team assesses whether a recent event or long-term effects caused the damage in question. Our conclusions will also evaluate if the evidence indicates that the cause of damage was accidental, intentional, or enhanced.
Our Forensic Mechanical Engineer Services Include:
Our Forensic Engineering Laboratory
Our Family of Companies offers a state-of-the-art engineering laboratory. We conduct testing to help our clients determine the cause and origin of their mechanical equipment or system failure. We possess various forms of equipment—such as borescopes, microscopes, x-ray machines, and other testing implements—which we use to conduct in-depth evaluations.
Quality Assurance
All our forensic mechanical engineers follow the rules and regulations of the authoritative boards present in each state. We are licensed P.E.s (Professional Engineers) that hold memberships in many organizations, including the NAFE (National Academy of Forensic Engineers) and the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). More than half of our forensic mechanical engineers possess advanced degrees.
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