ASTM E8 Tensile Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) offers ASTM E8 metal tensile testing services that evaluate how metals respond to stress. Metal manufacturers rely on tensile testing labs to provide a third-party and unbiased assessment of their product or material’s quality and overall ability to succeed in specific conditions. Our tensile testing experts use A2LA-accredited labs to thoroughly evaluate metals, providing our clients with the information they need to make an informed decision about a material.

What is ASTM E8?
The American Society for Testing and Materials developed ASTM E8 as a test method for determining the tensile properties of metallic materials. The immensely popular is commonly used across industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, and manufacturing. ASTM E8 is an invaluable asset for manufacturers seeking to improve their material selection process.
Our ASTM E8 Metal Tensile Testing
Our ASTM E8 testing services provide information on the following mechanical properties:

The information gathered from our tests is beneficial to research and development, quality control, and product design strategies and processes.

Why is Metal Tensile Testing Important?

Metal tensile testing is an effective way to confirm that metal materials possess the ductility and strength needed for their intended applications. In addition to gauging a product’s general effectiveness, tensile testing can help companies ensure that their products comply with regulatory requirements and standards. Failure to properly conduct tensile tests on products could cause serious issues, such as:

More About the ATS Family of Companies

The ATS Family of Companies consists of numerous companies with a unified commitment to providing professional inspection, calibration, consulting, and testing services. Since our founding in 1967, ATS has steadily expanded our capabilities and our reach, ensuring that we keep pace with our clients’ ever-evolving needs. To ensure that our clients receive satisfactory service, our professionals and experts work diligently to consistently provide the following:

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