ASTM plastic and polymer tensile testing

ASTM D3039 Testing Services

Applied Technical Services performs ASTM D3039 testing: the standard method for testing the tensile properties of polymer matrix composite materials. Numerous industries, including aerospace and automotive, are beginning to favor composite materials over alternative materials, including metal. Whether clients need to determine or confirm their composite’s material properties, our plastic and polymer testing lab can find their sample’s tensile properties.
The D3039 Method
ASTM D3039 determines a fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composite’s tensile properties. This method finds the material’s ultimate tensile strength and strain, transition strain, and modulus of elasticity. This test also provides a stress-strain curve and a failure mode analysis that records the type and location of failure. ASTM D3039 tensile testing data assists clients in numerous applications, such as research and development, material specifications, structural design and analysis, and quality control.
Our Polymer Testing Capabilities
ATS operates a dedicated plastic and polymer testing lab. Our engineers, chemists, and technicians bring knowledge and experience to each of our services, setting us apart as an exemplary polymer testing company. We perform testing on synthetic fibers, adhesives, thermosets and thermoplastics, natural polymers, rubbers, and high-modulus composites according to numerous standards, including:
ATS can determine the mechanical, thermal, or chemical attributes of polymer and plastic samples. We are ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited to perform over twenty polymer-related test methods according to industry standards. Our experts’ familiarity with various forms of polymer testing allows us to deliver results within a short turnaround.
High-Quality Polymer Testing Services
Applied Technical Services has performed high-quality testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services for over fifty years. We serve industrial and commercial clients around the globe from a wide array of industries, such as:
The ATS polymer testing lab is ISO 9001 certified for quality management practices. We also abide by several customer service policies to ensure that we provide the best possible customer experience. Our customer service team connects clients with relevant experts who can recommend solutions to their problems. Our experts can deliver clear, detailed data within a short time frame, remaining available for any additional questions.
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