Fit for Service Assessments
Applied Technical Services offers fit for service (FFS) assessment services for all our clients’ most valuable assets. We perform FFS assessments in accordance with the following applicable codes and standards:
Our Expert Personnel
At ATS, our trained, licensed, and certified personnel perform FFS and condition assessments, offering expert recommendations for any corrective action our clients’ equipment needs. Our team includes API inspectors, STI inspectors, and professional engineers who can provide cost-effective, solution-based, customized advice on approaching potential issues effectively. Using API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 fitness for service guidelines, we can help clients plan future shutdowns, inspections, and significant repairs while minimizing disruptions to their budget and timeline.
FFS Evaluations
A fit for service assessment can help to determine the ability for continued operation of fixed assets. FFS evaluations can identify cracking morphology, pitting patterns, and sources of corrosion. Our experts also look for other types of mechanical damage, determining if structural components such as pipes, pressure vessels, and tanks are safe for continued operation. By determining material structural limits, we can identify potential issues before they become major hazards. FFS assessments can help minimize unscheduled downtime, maximize inspection value, and identify necessary repairs.
Our Mechanical Integrity Programs
Our mechanical integrity programs at ATS include services like fit for service assessments. Our engineers can create or evaluate a program for aboveground and underground equipment to determine asset reliability and remaining life. Our comprehensive integrity analysis can include:
We design programs to help clients understand the true condition of their equipment, make informed decisions, and plan future repairs.
First-Rate Service
Applied Technical Services has continually improved our customer experience for over 50 years. We aim to exceed client expectations by always connecting them with the most relevant expert available. We deliver clear, detailed, accurate data within a short time frame so that clients can make timely decisions regarding their equipment.
If you need a fit for service (FFS) assessment, contact ATS today for a closer look.

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