Applied Technical Services (ATS) performs Brinell Hardness Tests.

ATS' Brinell Hardness Tests Capabilities

Originally devised in 1900, the Brinell Hardness technique remains the “traditional” hardness test in comparison to different testing methods. The Brinell Hardness test calculates the hardness of a material by forcing a carbide ball into the surface of a material for a pre-determined amount of time. Upon removal, the impression left from the ball is measured to determine its resistance to penetration.

The hardness of a material is related to its processing and heat treat condition, independent of physical properties. Castings and forgings remain ideal candidates for Brinell Hardness testing, as they possess a coarser structure or multiple phases that cannot be accounted for through alternative testing methods that use much smaller indenters and test areas.

ASTM Test Standards

Brinell Hardness testing is conducted by the ATS Lab in accordance with the ASTM E10 operating standard. ASTM standards are developed to ensure international technical understanding of over 12,500 verifiable procedures. Vitality and progression are retained throughout the development of such standards to uphold the foundation of a collaborative environment aimed to promote worldwide competence and to respond to essential changes.

ATS Experts

ATS’ mechanical testing service offerings account for the skills and capabilities in which all ATS experts possess. Expert professional support is complemented by our lab’s use of revolutionary technology, which best allows ATS to uncover the specialized solutions deemed most effective. Consistent training is routine for ATS employees to continue our mission towards client service excellence.

About Applied Technical Services

In 1967, Applied Technical Services was established as the premier supplier of various consulting inspection and testing services. Serving a multitude of industries, ATS recognizes the necessity for progression as being the gateway to becoming a leader in the testing services arena. With a strong commitment to quality, safety, and integrity, ATS adopts the perspective in which we align ourselves to best serve our clients.

ATS Quality Assurance Programs

ATS identifies the importance of its Quality System in providing specialized services to all clients. All ATS experts are devoted to involving themselves in the progression of the quality improvement process. All insights discovered are factual and reported to clients in a timely manner. Having Brinell testing on their A2LA accredited scope, ATS Labs operate in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards.

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