Rotating Equipment Failure Analysis

The ATS family of companies conducts rotating equipment failure analysis for commercial and industrial businesses. Rotating equipment consists of mechanical components that rely on kinetic energy, such as generators, pumps, and turbines. Industrial facilities heavily rely on rotating machines, so these machines must operate at a maximum capacity to ensure the operation continues to run smoothly.
Why is Rotating Equipment Failure Analysis Important?
Rotating equipment is integral to an operation’s speed and efficiency, so it’s essential that this equipment remains healthy and fully functional. The loss of this high-value machinery often pauses daily operations, resulting in unnecessary downtime. Fortunately, equipment failure is rarely a sudden occurrence, so there are numerous measures operators can take to prevent failure. Rotating equipment failure analysis helps do the following:
Common Signs of Failure in Rotating Equipment
The best indicator of imminent failure in rotating machinery is the shift in the machine’s behavior. The following symptoms are indicative of a failure in rotating machinery:
Our Commitment to Quality
Applied Technical Services is an ISO-certified quality management system dedicated to improving our operation as we pursue the highest quality. Our employees share our customer-centric ideology and passion for professionalism and consistency. We develop plans of action and procedures to directly address the specific needs of our clients while also adhering to the applicable regulatory standards. Our core values support the well-being of our staff and clients and consist of the following:
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